Suhas Talwar

is an internationally trusted Fire Walk Expert, Leadership Guru and Breakthrough Expert.

For more than a decade he has created breakthrough experiences for top of the line organizations and over 50000 people. He is the Co-Founder of Insights Consulting and is focused on creating transformations for organizations and individuals to live their best lives using timeless leadership principles.

Today Suhas is known as a transformation expert, coach, facilitator amongst other things. 15 years back when he started, he did so with simple aim of helping people perform to their fullest potential and achieve their goals.

His passion comes from the having lived the journey himself. Coming from a beginning which did not have “transformation expert” anywhere in the plan or map, he went through the grind to follow his passion. And in doing so he realized that what he wanted to do the most was to help others in experiencing the same journey.

While today he is doing programs globally and uses break through activities like fire-walk, glass-walk, rod bending to help participants understand what ‘possibilities’ are once they are able to extract their full potential. He still identifies himself as the enabler, as the guy who shows individuals what they are capable of and then coach them to become what they can be!

Never the person to take himself too seriously, his infectious nature make participants stay in touch with in way beyond the training program.

Suhas is a NLP practitioner and certified coach. His work has given him opportunity to work with leading names across industries like Cipla, Johnson Controls, SKF, MetLife, Morgan Stanley to name few.

In the last 15 years he has worked with over 50,000 participants in India and abroad helping them in their journey.

His annual Goa breaks with school friends and constant look out for the latest new place to eat are this other passions and being a great cook himself, he has the palate of a critic.


We are a corporate training consultancy offering corporate training solutions to guide business organizations achieve their core objectives, grow and advance by creating a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our expertise is in organizing customized corporate training workshops, motivational talks and transformational/breakthrough programmes designed to meet our clients’ needs and help them achieve excellence in their field of work. Suhas Talwar is a highly experienced corporate trainer and a fire walk expert. He believes in creating practical, simple and powerful corporate training solutions for organizations. Leading corporate trainer, Suhas Talwar aims at creating training programs that are result oriented and sustainable over long periods of time. He is an expert at FireWalk Training, Customized Leadership Training Programs, Team Building/Dynamics Training, Time Management Skills and Motivational Talks..

Suhas Talwar discusses the traits and skills needed to be a successful leader. He debunks the myth that leaders are people with position or designation. According to him, all of us have immense potential and every person has the ability to produce results that extraordinary people do, we also call these people as leaders. The focus of our programs is to awaken the leader inside you from the slumber and unleash your potential. We inspire you to live like a leader in your professional and personal life.


Training Solutions

We provide you a wide range of In-­house and Out-Bound Trainings, which are customized as per your requirements


Looking for that big break in your career? We will let you in to a secret.

The biggest challenge that organizations face today is the lack of good leaders and I can make you the one every organization wants.

The reason I can assure you this, is because I have traversed the same path. When I started out, no one would have bet that 15 years down the line I would be acting as a coach and mentor to business leaders and celebrities.

My programs are designed to make a leader out of everyone who is committed to the cause of becoming a leader. That is all that I ask of you, the rest we shall do together.

These programs will be become the starting point of your journey to the next level of success in your careers. Learn to motivate, delegate and guide your teams.

Since leadership can’t be restricted to the workplace my program looks at making you a leader in both your professional and personal life.

Enrol today, tomorrow is one day too late!

Team dynamics

If you are not mediating at the Himalayas and instead working in an organization, then being a team player is one thing that will make or break your career. Once you understand that you need the team as much as the team needs you, the rest follows.

My team building/bonding sessions, help you understand your role in the team and how the smooth functioning of teams forms the foundation of organizational success.

And if you are a part of that foundation, well then you are pretty critical to the organization and that… is not a bad thing, is it?

The experiential nature of my programs ensures that you don’t have to wait till the next working day to find out what you have learnt from the program. The team learns and implements the learning during the program and experience the success of working as team. Once you have tasted this success, you will be raring to experience this again and again at the work place.

Keynote sessions

Ever wondered why your keynote sessions never went beyond an information dissemination session?

Over the years, organizations have trusted me to help them ensure that this critical session become the session where participants commit to making the organization’s vision their own. It is with this belief that they hit the ground running from the next day onwards. My key note sessions are a perfect mix of excitement, fun and learning.

Emotional intelligence

The session will help you understand your emotions and that of those around you. In any workplace you are surrounded by people which essentially means you are surrounded by emotions.

Attend the session to understand how you can manage yours and those of your team, boss, and colleagues to create an environment conducive to excellence.

People who have attended this session have gone back ‘richer’ with a balance in their emotional bank that they never thought was possible.

This is a session that changes the way people feel about themselves and those around them both at work and home. This is one of those sessions which gives me the most full filling experience specially when participants call you back share how not just their performance but overall life is seeing never before success.

Fire walk

You read that right! And no it’s not a metaphor you actually WALK ON FIRE. And believe me you will never be the same again. Not just for the world but for yourself.

This is one of our flagship programs. We have 4 major variations:

  • 2 hours high impact session
  • 4 hours of transformational session
  • 1 day program to become your best
  • 2 day session to understand the concepts in detail and also experience other breakthrough activities like rod bending, tile breaking and arrow breaking.

We know the program sounds fun, but we believe in the program far beyond the fun aspect and its life changing experience.


Ever felt that you needed to do ‘something’ for a group and wasn’t quite sure what. You are not alone and now you can stop looking around.

Often our daily work life gets so routine (yup, if you doing fire fighting daily even that’s routine!) that the last thing you needs is another ‘routine’ skills program.

Our breakthrough programs are designed to address just that. These programs are the one that make the life of ‘training effectiveness’ cynics go for a toss. The effectiveness of these programs need to be experience and not measured!

And by the way, if you still need to measure it, then please do, because we know what the results will be and look forward to it.

Some of our break through acts:

  • Fire walk
  • Glass Walk
  • Arrow breaking
  • Rod Bending
  • Drum Circles
  • Music Circles
  • Dhol Tasha Circles

Corporate Training – Glass Walk and Tile Breaking Training

Suhas Talwar is a leading trainer and an expert at conducting unconventional and highly experiential activities like the Glass Walk. You will experience significant results through Glass Walk and Fire Walk. Glass walk is one of his most sought after workshops. In this 2 hour long Glass walk training session you will see participants break through their limitations and their confidence soaring as they safely walk over a bed of broken glass pieces. These training sessions involve a lot of learning which is powerful and effective. These empowering corporate training sessions enable people to refine and redefine themselves so that the impossible becomes seemingly possible for them.

Corporate Training – Emotional Intelligence Training Course

As per many leading research universities and instutions emotional intelligence is considered key to any organizations’ or individuals success. Suhas Talwar a leading corporate facilitator based in Pune understands the importance of this for the leaders and executives in the corporate world. Research results have shown that IQ or intelligent Quotient is important but to the most successful organizations and executives are those with high EQ or Emotional Quotient. It helps you to accelerate your growth, get better results, build great teams, help good leaders become great and manage relationships. In our workshops we take this complex subject and make it practical, easy and yet powerful to understand and implement. Post the workshop you will see people taking bigger challenges, handling pressure and difficult situations in a better way and being responsible and accountable. You will see a marked difference in the way leaders will deal with situations and individuals.


Team dynamics

Keynote sessions

Emotional intelligence

Fire walk

Breakthrough seminars



Our services have helped individuals, organisations and MNCs to experience novel and efficient approaches to training solutions, and have helped upcoming companies to evolve thier best practices to suit fast changing markets and audiences.

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